Sarah Morris x Longchamp

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the iconic Le Pliage bag, Longchamp has handed over the reins to contemporary artist Sarah Morris and the results are outstanding- with art, craftsmanship, and luxury remaining at the core of the product.

The success of the original Le Pliage is based on it’s practical function of being light and durable and can address the needs of everyone- regardless of age, gender, or style preference. Even just looking around the tiny il Cafe in Södermalm, Sweden I see 2 from my point of view.

I remember back when I was 13- I started my first day of High School wearing my Hawaiian Flower (neon pink and green) clunky, L.L Bean backpack, which really epitomized the look of the awkward tween ( + clear braces, shimmer lip gloss, Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt, UGGS…- back then I thought I was pretty funky fresh) Then that Christmas, I was surprised by my parents with a violet Le Pliage bag, and this bag really marked a transformation for me, where I turned from tweenybopper to “Young Lady”. The bag inspired me by being so chic, yet so simple and this is the bag I associate with all of the highs and lows of High School. Even though the corners of the bag have holes from carrying  much too heavy textbooks for 4 years, I will treasure it forever just because of its warm memories…

Anyway… the British- American artist Sarah Morris is world renowned in her own right for her contemporary, geometric pieces of Pop Art. She incorporates her own color palette into the 3 variations of the bag and draws similarities between her work and Longchamp as they both focus on travel, movement, and people.

“This is a highly proliferated product that really is about carrying people’s belongings from place to place.” – Sarah Morris

I am really impressed by the collection and feel that Sarah Morris breathes new life into Le Pliage through bold attention grabbing colors, and references to her own paintings. I also really like how the handle is in white or black, as I find this more chic and modern than the classic brown leather.

Morris has revived the bag as a statement piece to every outfit and every occasion- whether you are just shopping for groceries, packing for a weekend away, or taking your Pliage to a high profile event. High praise to you Ms. Morris- Marvelous!

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